About Us

Our company was founded in 1996 is a legend in the world of gaming. With our rich and vast experience, we are leading players in the field of entertainment. Here we have created a play world for you! Come visit a paradise of entertainment at the world’s finest destinations. This is surely a bet for the experience. Our Casino provide you a fun packed night of unmatched entertainment experience, and a leisure stay at our abode. We have several other entertainment zones for your family while you can enjoy at our casino.

Our mission We provide you with an ultimate gaming experience at our sprawling 200,000 square feet casino which can seat a 1000 people at a time. We have a long list of games which includes live poker, black jack, craps, sports betting, slots, baccarat, roulette, keno video poker, arcane, keno and many more. We are experts and can identify your needs and thereby we provide help through brief sessions on playing games to make each of you a confident defender at the table. We also provide a virtual walkthrough of our casino, so that you are accustomed to our world of entertainment. Our dealers are always there to help you while you play. We also pay for you to play by providing complementary offers for your stay at our resort, and this is provided all throughout the year. We are also leaders in providing live streaming casino experience for your mobile devices. Our dedicated team works 24/7 providing online support to customers anywhere in the world. We invite you to come and explore the world of unlimited gaming to play and have a memorable experience. “A good gaming experience, you will keep coming back for more “is our motto.

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